Why did I start making soap?

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Why did I start making soap? Well I first got the idea to try soap making when I moved back to NY in 2005. A High School friend of mine had a goat farm nearby and she was not doing anything with the milk. I started researching soap making and tried to get her interested but I couldn’t get her motivated so I put that idea on hold.
As handmade soaps started getting more popular I started thinking about it again but by then my insurance business had taken off and between that and raising 2 kids on my own I didn’t have time to start making soap but I still enjoyed reading up on the process.

My daughter was having trouble at school and it became necessary for me to retire from the insurance business and homeschool her. I still needed something to do that I could do around her school work and starting thinking again about making soap. I had read and studied a lot of books on the process so I found someone who could show me hands on how to make a batch of soap. After that one batch I was hooked. And now make a few hundred bars of soap a month as well as an array of other products.
I will be using this blog for a few things.
-To share with you some of what I have learned in my soap making journey.
-As a place to highlight my soap of the month.
– A showcase for some of my regular customers and sales venues.
-I will post articles I have found interesting about some of the products and ingredients I use.
– And will share with you my soaping successes as well as fails because if I can’t laugh at myself what fun would failures be.
I hope you enjoy and follow along.